Reverse Context is Marcello Liverani’s latest solo project.  Marcello Liverani is an artist, composer, singer, songwriter, choir conductor and pianist with a background in contemporary avant-garde classical music.

Reverse Context embraces Liverani’s musical studies, bringing his symphonic colour and his use of the voice in avant-garde musical theatre into a smoothed out, cozier sound and brings his passion for vocal performance and electronics into the field of a unique songwriting: an electro-folk mood and a little bit of glitch music. The result is a project with an electronic pop structure but not easy labeled. One is struck by an eclectic use of the voice melding with electronic and electric/acoustic traditional instruments creating a palette of colours which tells stories of self-exploration, childhood and beauty.


The live performances are intended as an intimate and narrative ritual in which the audience takes an introspective voyage in which aspects of childhood and surreal images are interwoven by vocal loops, electronic grains and glitch drums. Floating on top of all this texture are the main vocals, used as an ancestral tool oscillating between dramatic-powerful melodies and theatrical whispers. The voice is in continuous dialogue with the feverish use of the instruments.


After graduating in composition and choir conducting, Marcello studied with composers such as A. Corghi, H. Dufourt, T. Hosokawa and I. Fedele. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Composition at the “Accademia di S. Cecilia” in Rome, he received  recognitions and won prizes for his vocal, ensemble and orchestral works, which have been performed in Venues and festival such as the Venice Biennale, Parco della musica in Rome and “Festival de Acanthes” in Metz. He is also a co-founder of the artistic collective “Moa”. He is currently based in Italy, where he runs a vocal school.

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